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Your 7 Vital Self Check Health Program

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What I Do

I help you go from a mediocre ordinary conscious life to opening your mind to what could be an extraordinary life filled with impact and joy. 

It’s time to Adapt to Habits that will Unblock:

  • Failing Relationships,
  • Self-Love, and Self-Discipline
  • To Achieve Good Vibes for a…
  • Fulfilling Lifestyle

I Mentor.

Checking yourself will allow you to walk towards your desires. Let’s have a conversation where you commit to change. I am right here to Listen & Support you every step of the way.

I Speak.

If you have an event you would like me to step up and share my Lived experiences and expertise in the self-help space. Simply book a chat with me and lets make it happen

I Write.

I love sharing my lived experiences to empower more women both young and old to embrace their highest self. To live their best life every day, to engender gratitude.

Need Advice?

You can schedule a complimentary 15-30 mins call with me to determine your need. Or simply listen. 

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The 5 standards you Need to Achieve your destined dream. This quick read will lift your spirits and help you reset when you feel low and out of options. My gift to you, download it below.  


“Joyce, am so proud of you girl. Well done for setting the pace, for showing that dreams can be realised…Great book…Great words, awesome lessons learnt ”

Hilda Peters

My Story

Jonry Heyce was born and raised in the suburbs of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, where she spent her teenage life before moving to the United Kingdom. Jonry Heyce considers her faith and family to be most valuable to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, she is either at work saving lives or on her laptop searching how to improve herself and family. Growing up she was fascinated by children and owned very many dolls in forms of wood, cushions, rag dolls and others made from banana fibers.

‘The 5 Standards You Need to Achieve Your Destined Dream,’ was her first published book followed by ‘The 7 Vital Self-check Health Program’. Those books resulted from her continuous research about self-improvement. Jonry, to start writing was compelled by her performance at college when she was the best student in her year, in almost all modules. This gave her self-confidence and became fun for literature-reviews and writing.

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