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Jonry Heyce is my pen name. I am Joyce, born and raised in the suburbs of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. I left in my late teens for the United Kingdom. I am a believer in a higher power and my faith and family are my most valuable assets. I work in the NHS as a Clinical Advisor in the UK and I am fascinated by children and their power to adapt and pivot in challenging situations. I try to tap into this power in my message and work with my clients. 

In life, there are always going to be challenges, some more challenging than others. However, where there is a will, there is always a way to help oneself, turn things around and create amazing results for you or your organization when Jonry mentors you with her high-impact, customized message, and tools!

I am so excited that you found your way right here, choosing you and to be a part of my community. I am so glad that you’re open to taking your life-changing transformation by hand and putting yourself first so you can serve others from a place of balance and abundance. 

I created the Share To Touch Lives self-help community so that I could share what I’ve learned along my journey of transformation with you. And also that you can experience your own self triggered transformation, creating a life that you love. More so that you can attract the kind of positive impact that you are capable of having and sharing in your journey of life. The world is waiting to hear from you

Get inspired as Jonry Heyce speaks at your event and explains how to develop an unshakable belief in your abilities to help yourself and improve your general wellbeing, which has a domino effect in all areas of your life. 

I am happy to help you help yourself and turn your life around. Let’s start with my gift to you below. 


As an experienced Medical/Clinical Advisor and RGN with lived experiences in self-help, I am happy to announce the Self-Check Health Program so you can turn your life around while being mentored by me — Jonry Learn More about my Signature Courses and Mentorship Programs.

The Self-Check Health Program is a 30-week training program that includes live group sessions, and Q&As with myself — Jonry where you the participant can interact with me and have the ability to ask questions or reach out for personal help. As well as receive tools and steps to help yourself from down to Shero. 

Outside of the program, I am all about the core community — my family.

Feedback & Reviews

I love feedback and hearing from my clients, beneficiaries, customers, and partners. That’s how I improve and serve you better. Please share your experience/review of Jonry Heyce books, services, products, experience.

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Thanks for the Reminder

“Reflecting. It’s an eye-opener. The writer is talking to me directly. Self-checking is what we all need. It’s never late to embark on fulfilling our dreams. Thank you for the reminder😊”

Najjemba Annet Muwanga

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Dealing with difficult emotions

“I am reminded of a time when I let my emotions take control, it destroyed my confidence and I had to rebuild my self-esteem. To be able to trust and control my emotions and not let that take away good moments in my life.”


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Great Read, get it

“Currently reading the book, and honestly it’s helped me to find myself more and put myself first. It’s helped me to see the importance of self love and it’s really helped me to focus on myself and really think about what I want for me. ❤️”

Hannah N

What Can I Do for You?

There is so much we can do together if you are a corporation, organisation, company or event planner looking for a passionate speaker. Or you are an individual looking to challenge and transform your life by healing your inner child and man/woman so the god/goddess inside shines through.

I’m a public speaker that has lived experience of what I talk about in the Self Help space. 

My extraordinary story of transforming my own life from a teenage mom to a career as a healthcare professional, Registered General Nurse — RGN in the UK, and publishing books, creating the Jonry Heyce brand is the inspiration behind my bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same. Today, fans worldwide reach out for my type of help. Which is teaching people how to help themselves (self-help), to adapt to self-love, self-belief, and care, change bad habits and adopt new habits to follow and accomplish, their dreams for better holistic well-being: mental, social, physical, spiritual, and financial breakthrough.

I’ve worked with the NHS in the UK and my career in health care has led me to serve as Clinical Adviser, an RGN. I can act as an advocate for you to your health professionals. 

The Self-Check Health Program was created with the goal of empowering people to navigate through the tough times of life; amplified for many people by the COVID pandemic and lockdowns. I am no stranger to tough times, that’s why I decided to put together and share all of my lived experiences, lessons, and expertise to empower and mentor you through the tough times to the good vibes in your life.

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Need Advice?

I am here to help you live your best life because I found the recipe to do that in my life. It’s not always about money, it’s about changing your mindset and releasing some, while adopting new empowering habits. Let’s schedule a complimentary 15 mins call to determine your need and craft a roadmap so you can help you live your best life.