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Joyce Jonry - Dating Coach and Relationship Expert

My Story

Jonry Heyce is my pen name. I am Joyce, born and raised in the suburbs of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. I left Uganda in my late teens for the United Kingdom. I believe in God the Almighty. I am a wife and mother of 4 lovely daughters. As a Registered Adult nurse, I am a Charge Sister and Clinical advisor with the NHS in the UK. So, if I am not saving lives, I’ll either be training people on how to Feel, Give, and Find Love, or I will be enjoying life partying. I love parties.

I am also a published author and have written three books on Relationships, Self-love (Self-check), and Destined Dreams. 

I am a Dating Coach and Relationship Expert. Founder of Jonry Love Line and Creator of Single to Coupled Program.

Why Joyce Jonry

Having found my Mr. Right as a teenager, I’ve always felt blessed. So I honed my experience, did more research, and share all this and more with my clients. People have always been drawn to me for my knowledge and practical relationship advice, and they remain in touch even after they find Mr. Right. No one gets close to me and doesn’t find their ‘Mr. Right’. I help women master the logistics of how to attract, where and when to find, meet, date, and most importantly sustain the Right Relationship.

Joyce Jonry Dating Coach and Relationship Expert

In my career I have met so many people, some on their deathbeds, who have told me that their greatest regret in life was, putting all their effort in their career and missing out on meeting their ideal life partner. Choosing a single life until it became too late, having no one to turn to and feeling very lonely. Others, not working hard enough to save their marriages, or losing their loved ones before making up with them.

Such experiences, among others, got me to understand the importance of investing in searching for your significant other while you can.

Get inspired through my Signature Program: SINGLE TO COUPLED. Inside this course, we have several shifts. 

Shift #1. Discover how to place boundaries around your values. Learn how to apply your basic needs proportionally in your romantic relationship. Identify and learn how to appreciate and acknowledge your partner’s love language to prevent unhappiness in your relationship.

There are 4 more shifts to get to your “heaven” that you can discover in the program. 


I decided to use research-based ideologies to write a relationship book to help single women struggling or yearning for an ideal partner, find The One. And to use that book as a guide to create a coaching program with a scalable online course that can help people improve their love relationships. — Jonry Learn More about my Signature Courses and Mentorship Programs.

  • I am passionate about love, and helping people fall in love.
  • I am a published author, among others, I also use my books as a guide in coaching
  • I have always been very understanding and caring and learned to be empathetic through my nursing career. I understand people’s feelings and will teach you how to interpret your partners’ emotions and help you understand why they may have felt the way they did to allow you to resolve or understand why they felt a certain way.
  • I love helping other people achieve their dreams.
  • I believe in creating long-term solutions to prevent repeated troubles. So, I will teach you to have good planning, and discipline to create long-term strategies to solve your relationship troubles.
  • I know what it means to be in love, to be loved, and to love.
  • I understand the pain of being single and searching.
  • I have helped many single women choose their right partners.
  • I am a people person and a strong believer in being at peace with my loved ones. I will teach you how to adopt peace and fix any kind of relationship with anyone who is important to you.

Feedback & Reviews

I love feedback and hearing from my clients, beneficiaries, customers, and partners. That’s how I improve and serve you better. Please share your experience/review of Jonry Heyce books, services, products, experience.

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Thanks for the Reminder

“Reflecting. It’s an eye-opener. The writer is talking to me directly. Self-checking is what we all need. It’s never late to embark on fulfilling our dreams. Thank you for the reminder😊”

Najjemba Annet Muwanga

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Dealing with difficult emotions

“I am reminded of a time when I let my emotions take control, it destroyed my confidence and I had to rebuild my self-esteem. To be able to trust and control my emotions and not let that take away good moments in my life.”


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Great Read, get it

“Currently reading the book, and honestly it’s helped me to find myself more and put myself first. It’s helped me to see the importance of self love and it’s really helped me to focus on myself and really think about what I want for me. ❤️”

Hannah N

What Can I Do for You?

I’m a Relationship and Dating Coach who has lived experience of what I talk about in the dating space. 

I will show you how to become Irresistibly Attractive. You will master how to apply the traits of a high-value woman in your daily life to attract a man of high value. 

My Signature program was created with the goal of helping you to meet your ideal partner at the right mature time. To overcome unrealistic expectations of dating. To understand dating that leads to healthy romantic relationships. And while waiting, to live a happy single life that will attract Mr. Right.

My extraordinary story of transforming my own life from a teenage mom to a career as a healthcare professional, Registered General Nurse — RGN in the UK, and publishing books, creating the Joyce Jonry brand is the inspiration behind my bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same. Today, fans worldwide reach out for my type of help. Which is teaching people how to SHIFT FROM SINGLE TO COUPLED. 

Need Advice?

I am here to help you live your best life because I found the recipe to do that in my life. It’s not always about money, it’s about changing your mindset, while adopting new empowering habits. Let’s schedule a complimentary 15 mins call to determine your need and craft a roadmap so you can help you live your best life.