How to Start Living Your Dream today.

How to Start Living Your Dream – Are you Focused on the How?

How to Start Living Your Dream – Focusing on “how” Causes frustration and Delay, Instead Focus on you.


Do you know what I learned in my early 20s? Mind you, it didn’t sink in until my 30s and I wish I had been paying attention. Here it is: You can start living your dream today if you Focus on yourself, not the How because that’s what causes frustration and delay.

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Guess what, today’s episode is just as punchy and impactful if I say so myself.

Here is the thing…


You, like most people usually know what you want, and why you want it, right?

Yet oftentimes how to get to your heart’s desires seems elusive.

You then focus so much on how you are going to get that desire; you lose focus. You know I am right, yes?

You know how you stand too close to the TV; you cannot see the bigger picture; it all gets blurry?  That’s what I am talking about.

So, here is the hard-learned lesson I want you to get and avoid the pitfalls I met.

Forget the “how” if you are to activate your dream. I encourage you to read my very small, about 24-pages book; “Are You Dissatisfied With What You Do? The 5 Standards you Need to Achieve your Destined Dream”

Here is why.

You’re a visionary, we all are deep inside.

You know what you want… Well, some people don’t!

But guess what, your job isn’t to figure out how to make things happen. The How is the job of the Universe, God, Source, or whatever you call that higher power in your life. Seriously.

Your job is simply to take unbridled pleasure in the idea of realizing your dream or vision. And take inspired action whatever that means for you towards that dream. In a state of Gratitude. That’s how you activate it. In other words,

Action is the Activator and Gratitude is the Fertilizer. 



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So, back to our conversation…


How to Start Living Your Dream – Practical Tips

Understand that when you focus so much on the “how”, I promise you, you will feel impatient and obsessed over what you need to get there. That in turn slows down your momentum. Because that impatience is born from lack and the energy that is shrouded in lack cannot deliver abundance.

Why is that then, you may ask?

Because your focus is on the perceived absence of what you want.

Let me ask you a simple question: have you ever noticed that the things you think are missing stay missing?

The better approach is to LOOK beyond appearances. Hold your dream/vision as if its fruition is inevitable. That’s what the good book tells me.

By the way, I love the bible, to me, it’s a book of guidance, I will be quoting it often, so if you feel offended by that, I apologize in advance and wish you every blessing as you click off  find your truth. 

We were talking about the good book, which says along the lines of:

You have not received because you pray amiss. When you pray, speak as if you have already achieved your wish.

That is what I did not do at the beginning of my vision. I had a big vision, I had a dream, looking back, I had all the equipment all the opportunities in the world to achieve my innate dream in a timely manner. But whenever I prayed, I was looking for the how, the appearance.

I strongly advise you to grab and read my book, “Are You Dissatisfied with What You Do? Because it holds; The 5 standards you need to achieve your Destined Dream”


Here is how I interpret the word about prayer mentioned above and have done it in order to see forward in a much clearer way.

I know it is not for everyone, yet if you believe, you will see a change.

That said, if you can’t help yourself from focusing on “how” you will achieve your desires, you can try this.

To grow I only look at my past or How to celebrate my journey. Here is what I do:

I sit in my quiet corner and focus in the moment. I may play some music or just be. I take some deep breaths and release all thoughts in my mind. Then I look back and invite my life’s journey from as far back as I can remember. I journal a lot. I look at everything I’ve done with a fresh eye. After all, it’s done. So, I only look for lessons learned, or joys experienced. In there I often find an answer to a question that allows me to take action on my present desire. While allowing my God to also do signs, wonders, and miracles in my presence. It is called time out to focus on me.

Try it, you’ll be amazed at how your journey has been. You will find that there are some events or experiences you forgot or blocked out.


I encourage you to focus only on good experiences. Remind yourself of how you felt at the time, the joy, the happiness, the gratitude even!

Your achievements, you may actually be taking them for granted now – You have qualifications others struggle to get, skills that are unique, experience, and talents people would pay for. So, yes, your life story is interesting, and your future is definitely taking a faster step towards you!

Now I know that for many, having gone through mainstream education, the above seems crazy and confusing.

Yet trust me with practice it does get real. What I do is when I have something I want to manifest I focus on the feeling, not how I am going to get it. 

I literally feel amazing about who I am, what I know, what I’ve already accomplished, and what’s coming like it’s already part of my life…right here and NOW.

I close my eyes and see in my mind movie, me living the dream, whatever it is I wish to achieve. I let it play and I feel the joy of receiving and accomplishing.

Then I ask out loud, “what needs to happen for me to achieve this (be specific). I would like to see a sign of – (state what sign you wish to see) as a sign that XYZ will happen.”

Then I let it go and I am open to receiving an answer to my question, without being worried or trying to force the answer.


That’s when the “how” will be revealed to you.

Your dreams will manifest faster

You will live the good vibes, answers to your life questions will come to you so much easier, your business will blow up almost overnight, and above all, you will stress less about life. The how literally works out itself once you step in faith and do the what.

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