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The Ultimate Single Woman's Guide to Finding a Soulmate

True-Life stories with practical steps and ideas that will improve the quality of your dates, help you refine your love language, nourish your current relationship, and/or attract your Suited Partner. 

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Jonry Heyce aka Author Joyce Nsubuga

A Word From The Author

As a woman in a loving relationship, married for 16 beautiful years, I can say hand on heart I have been where you are! Wondering whether I will ever meet the man of my dreams, did he even exist? In this love book, I share with you my easy-to-follow process, call it your “Love journal” to attract a loving and fulfilling relationship. I want you to understand and commit that: 

    1. The journey to finding a soulmate starts with you! And your journey starts today!
    2. If you’re already in a relationship and you’re unhappy or you believe you’re happy right now, do read this book, you may find new ways to make your relationship even better.
    3. Take a leap of faith and if you follow the steps shared, you will find better relationships, maybe even love or improve your current relationship!
Jonry Heyce
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

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In my bid to serve and help more people to not only find their true love, but also to feel the best they can feel and be, I have written 3 other books. You can peruse and even take a bite here.  All the resources and books can be purchased as paperbacks and ebooks directly on Amazon. That said, if you would like to receive updated versions, updates on the work we do and workbooks then click on a book cover and we will keep you updated. 

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The Ultimate Single Woman's Guide to Finding a Soulmate EBook Small

What Readers Are Saying

We can say our books are amazing, but nothing beats others saying they have positively impacted their lives, and for that, we are grateful. 

I’m someone with a short attention span but I’ve been hooked on this book! The book is easy to read and very informative. I think the author did a great job informing me as a reader how to be the perfect partner, and also how to navigate a happy and healthy relationship. You’d be dishonouring yourself not buying this book, honestly a very informative book!


Review on Book 3

Letting go is a key life skill, and this book is a great resource in acquiring, or deepening, it. It’s good at explaining what letting go is all about, and the valuable benefits that can follow.

It includes straight forward exercises that are easy to engage with and can produce worthwhile results quickly.

Pauline Daka

Review on Book 3

Loved this book. I’ve been going through a hard time mentally and physically. This book has helped increase my self-esteem and motivation. Easy to read and not too complicated. Just a fantastic read.


Review on Book 1

This is an exceedingly well-written and very inspirational book, the people in our environment can strongly impact our self-development. I like the fact that it’s a true life story. I think it’s a must read for anyone.

Harriet Nakabuye

Review on Book 2

Upcoming Book

I am always planning the next resource to support your growth whether emotionally, mentally, or relationally. And the next book will be shared in this space, so quite literally, Watch This Space. Or simply hit the button below to be notified even before it is released to the public, you will get first dibs.